The LyraTones got their start over 30 years ago as an employee activity of the Lockheed Corp. in Sunnyvale, California. Originally named the LERA-Tones (after the Lockheed Employee Recreation Association), the band was conceived strictly as a recreational outlet for Lockheed personnel. After several years, a number of non-Lockheed musicians were added to fill out the chairs for a full 17-piece orchestra; at this time the band's performance level improved such that the band was invited to play for numerous local occasions. As LERA is a non-profit association, a decision was made to disassociate from LERA. At that time, the name was changed to The LyraTones, and highly accomplished musicians were brought in, leading to an exciting, fully professional performance level. Since then, the band has performed hundreds of performances for delighted audiences throughout the Bay area at virtually all the major venues from the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco to the famous Cocoanut Grove Ballroom in Santa Cruz.

Today, the band has amassed an impressive playbook containing over 700 arrangements—most of which are authentic copies of the recorded versions of the famous bands of the 30's, 40's and 50's as well as a full complement of latin and newer dance styles.

The band delights in saying "Yes! We can play that!" to all your favorite requests!